Address 1694 Belleville Way ,Sunnyvale, CA 94087
  • Address 1694 Belleville Way ,Sunnyvale, CA 94087


I had used Deepa’s daycare 7-8 years back for both of my kids. They had a great experience. Deepa has a very warm nature and she really loves taking care of kids and puts great energy in their development & care. Without any hesitation I would recommend this great daycare anyone.

Binny Bhatnagar

My son was at Deepa’s daycare for 3+ years. We had a very pleasant experience there. My son is doing well at his Elementary school now and I firmly believe his daycare played a great role. Deepa is also an amazing cook and always made healthy and delicious meals for the kids. Would highly recommend.

Laura Carpenito

My daughter has been going to Deepa's for the past 6 months and has had a great experience since day 1. She started as an infant and adjusted quickly, moving from part time to full time after 2 months. Deepa provides a clean, warm, and nurturing environment, and I've seen my daughter learn and grow in her care. I love the outdoor play space too.

Stephanie Manas

I had used Deepa’s daycare for my 3 boys. This was 6-7 yrs back. They had a great time there. Deepa specially is very caring and loving person. This took away all the stress for me and I was able to concentrate on my job. Would highly recommend this daycare

Katya Herrera

We have been sending our daughter to Deepa daycare since the last 1 year. Our daughter absolutely loves it. Among all the many good things at the daycare, the 3 highlights are 1) Importance on nutrition with warm, home cooked meals 2) immersive celebrations all events and festivals, and 3) lots of hands-on activities.

Tapan Shah

Deepa’s Day care is an excellent place for little kids. Her facility is perfect for a cozy setting for small kids. I recommend her

chetna garg